On Winning and CRM in the Sports World, or, Go Phils!!!

I was kinda taking a day off from blogging to reflect upon just how happy I am that my hapless Phillies are now NL champions (with 4 more important wins ahead of them). But of course, I looked around the MLB.com site and my marketing lightbulb in my brain started clicking.

Here were links for items such as this:


Which is fine…but also a ton of stuff for the divisional win as well. I mean, when is enough, enough???

And it made me think – even in this down economy (or whatever it is) – there is still money to be made by the winners. Winning is a great way to build community. And people naturally want to associate themselves with winners.

I think that is why during this economic run, the better CRM approach is not to cut prices, bundle services or simply panic. But rather, putting on the game face of a winner is what will allow you to stand out a bit more in this increasingly commidified world.

I don’t have all the answers when it comes to just how to come off as a winner, and I think a lot of that is intanglible. It has to be felt by everyone that faces customers in your organization. There really is something to that “winning feeling” and the good news is, it tends to be contagious…