Is This the Car that Will Save GM, and the World?

…Or is it just some really, really good marketing to an innovation-starved customer base?

I have been checking out the Chevy Volt with a lot of interest these days for a number of reasons. Like many of us, I am annoyed at gas prices and the continued insulting of American intelligence as I see more SUV ads than ever it seems (why would Audi create an SUV in this day and age?). Also, as I see the US car market continue to tank I was wondering what it meant for US manufacturing in general.

I think the Volt, and the next generation of stronger battery hybrids, presents an opportunity to bring US ingenuity back into play in the auto world.

Look, the Prius is ugly, plain and simple. With a new and cool sleek electric car, GM could save its fortunes and help do some good for the planet. (No, I am not going to make a parallel between this and the “well and good” that comemrcial open source performs…or maybe I just did.)

With some smart marketing and customer outreach, the Volt could be the spark (pun intended) that is sorely needed in the US auto industry. It will be interesting to see how well this new breed of cars are marketed. I have seen only one ad for the Volt, and it was almost confusing how the commercial explained the “40 miles without a drop of gas.” But I think in general there will be a lot of buzz around Volt in 2010 when it becomes available.