Web 2.0, Mobility and CRM…

I had an email discussion with a former colleague of mine at CRM magazine yesterday about Web 2.0, mobility and CRM. The discussion touched upon some points that parrelled some of the topics I discussed in a blog last week about Web 2.0 and advertising.

To me, it seems the mobility space is both exciting and innovative, but also incredibly frustrating. CRM mobility is growing, but not as fast due to the clash of cell phone manufacturers, carriers, and platform providers. The next generation of computing is taking the industry away from traditional thinking, and mobility is reflective of that. To work, the industry will have to continue to move beyond a subset of browsers to full personal computing. This is where Apple has begun to rewrite the rules of mobile when it comes to computing.

In addition, there’s been a lot made around Web 2.0, which despite its power, its still underestimated even today. Web 1.0 didn’t really provide viable economic models – most companies simply took what they already had and tried to sell it on the Web, with mixed results.

Moving forward, it seems the way to harness the evolving power of Web 2.0 is to understand the culture that is attached to it, and in the process, taking open source-like strategies to heart, as the Web culture is highly collaborative. Communities are commonplace in successful Web ventures and the free sharing of information and ideas leads to potential information overload. So for businesses looking to leverage Web 2.0 for their CRM initiatives, it’s important to adopt the technology not simply for the sake of having the latest and greatest, but to provide your sales force and consumers with a valuable marketplace of insightful and accurate ideas and feedback.