Munich, Open Source, and Engineering-Focused Cultures

I am presently in Munich Germany for our CRM Acceleration event here – and it is the first time I’ve been to the city in about 10 years. There is a LOT more to Munich these days than great beer (who knew?). This really is the Silicon Valley of Europe it seems.

I have had the luxury of enjoying some great conversations with Sugar users and our partners, and getting the chance to practice my less than stellar Deutsche.

Germany and SugarCRM is a really great fit for a number of reasons, but I think the most compelling reason is because Germany is an engineering-focused country, while Sugar is a company that values great software engineering over clever marketing.

Growing up, I always drove BMWs, not because of the status but because I simply thought they were the best designed cars. And I appreciate the marketing in general of BMW and Audi, etc… The concept of a simple number rather than a flashy name always made me think – they are letting the product speak for itself.

I think this obsession with great engineering makes open source a no-brainer in Germany. The ability to inspect the code, the get under the hood – to keep the auto metaphor going – makes products like Sugar a lot more attractive than a closed off CRM package.

I am excited to continue my conversations with our partners, not only to better my German skills, but to see how creative they and their Sugar users customers can be with the software.