My Takeaways from CRM Acceleration Munich

A day after our first official event in Munch – I am really pleased with the turnout, the level of interest and existing visibility of SugarCRM in Germany, and the way that Sugar’s culture fits so well in this region.

The event itself went really well, starting with John Roberts’ keynote and followed by a very interesting keynote on marketing by Professor Marcus Schogel, from the University of St. Gallen. His presentation focused on the need for companies of all types to embrace the new media out there as a way to communicate and market to customers. It really jibed with a lot of what I’ve been saying here at Outsiders.

The partners gave some great presentations, but I was really interested in the presentation by a somewhat new Sugar customer in Germany – 3D Photo AG. The company has invented a 3D television used for sales and marketing as well as point of sale kiosks and presentations. No cardboard glasses needed. It is really cool and it is a huge compliment in my opinion that the most forward thinking technology firms choose SugarCRM because they see it as the most cutting edge CRM on the market.

All in all, the event strengthened my sense that Germany will be a good fit for Sugar, and I hope that we can have more “feet on the street” as it were, in the region very soon, be they partners of actual Sugas (as we call members of our immediate corporate family here).