Posted in October 2008

Web 2.0, Mobility and CRM…

I had an email discussion with a former colleague of mine at CRM magazine yesterday about Web 2.0, mobility and CRM. The discussion touched upon some points that parrelled some of the topics I discussed in a blog last week about Web 2.0 and advertising. To me, it seems the mobility space is both exciting … Continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Bean Counting…

Apple continues to amaze me for so many reasons, both in the manner in which they drive market innovation with their products and services and also through their keen sense of advertising. The sheer volume of demand they’re able to generate is awesome, and their App Store is proof of that. But it’s also their … Continue reading

Is This the Car that Will Save GM, and the World?

…Or is it just some really, really good marketing to an innovation-starved customer base? I have been checking out the Chevy Volt with a lot of interest these days for a number of reasons. Like many of us, I am annoyed at gas prices and the continued insulting of American intelligence as I see more … Continue reading

Web 2.0 and Advertising: The Old Fashion Way

It’s funny how certain mediums won’t ever die. Thanks to Web 2.0 and some of the concepts surrounding viral marketing, radio, which many had left for dead due to declining advertising rates, has received a breathe of fresh air. According to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, online radio advertising is rising at a … Continue reading

Customer or Consumer Relationship Management???

I saw a great article in CRM Buyer by the always sharp Denis Pombriant. (Thanks to Paul Greenberg for pointing it out.) In the article, Denis makes some interesting points about how the current economy will see a shift in American spending from a “consumer” mentality to a smarter, more advised base of “customers.” Makes … Continue reading

Comments Such As These Never Cease to Amaze Me

As I’m sure many of you have read, on Friday, during his company’s annual shareholder’s meeting, Larry Ellison commented and questioned the over-hyped momentum surrounding cloud computing, its lack of a clear definition, and perhaps most importantly, its value as a business model. Comments such as these remind me of similar comments made years ago … Continue reading

Control Versus Flexibility in a SaaS/Cloud World

To add to Colin’s points around the VentureBeat blog post below, what hit home the most to me in that discussion was the differentiation between “control” (or the lack of it) in a Cloud scenario versus “flexibility” as defined by the ability to scale quickly in a Cloud environment. I am not sure I agree … Continue reading

Cloud Computing Isn’t For Everyone

A colleague forwarded me this editorial by two consultants at a startup firm outlining some of the reasons why cloud computing isn’t for everybody. They summarize the basics, such as security, lack of control, and other limitations. Nor are their opinions alone, as others within the IT consulting industry have taken note, most notably companies … Continue reading