Posted in November 2008

CRM and Web 2.0: It’s All About the Mindset

Along the same lines of Martin’s comments about Twitter, Web 2.0 and how these technologies are limited only by the user’s imaginations, I came across a report released today by Forester analyst William Band. The title, CRM 2.0: Fantasy or Reality? How Trail-Blazing Companies Are Implementing Social Customer Strategies, truly speaks volumes, because for many … Continue reading

Outsiders Take of the Week, Take II

I am getting the hang of making podcast, and its actually pretty fun… Check out the second installment of the CRM Outsiders Take of the Week (or TOTW for short)… I’m off to the east coast to commisserate with family over what will probably be another embarrasing nationally televised Eagles loss to what used to … Continue reading

CRM for the Non-Business Minded

One of the slogan’s around the SugarCRM partnership with BT Business is “Do What You Do Best.” The idea is that with web-based applications and other bundled services from BT, small businesses don’t have to think about their IT and other operations – instead they can focus on competitive differentiation. In a talk to go … Continue reading

Blackberry Storm: The New Enterprise iPhone?

I had the opportunity this weekend to head over to Verizon and watch my buddy upgrade from his current Blackberry World Edition to the new Storm. Between demoing the floor model and getting my hands on his, I was utterly blown away with the Storm’s speed, flexibility, and ease of use. Verizon has managed to … Continue reading

The Inaugural CRM Outsiders “One Liner”

With all the blogrolls, RSS feeds and the simply overwhelming amount of good information out there – it is impossible to blog about every piece of news we find blogworthy…after all, we do have jobs to do. So we thought up this concept of the “One Liner” – a short piece that pays tribute to … Continue reading

Google and SugarCRM – Smart Minds Think Alike…

Just noticed that Google has added Themes to Gmail – allowing users to choose color schemes for their email interface apart from the usual standard setup. When SugarCRM first brought the idea of themes into its product a couple years ago, I thought (as an analyst at the time) “Who cares?” I was an idiot. … Continue reading

The SaaS/Consultant Conundrum

I came across this Gartner report, which among other topics, details the increasingly rapid expansion of SaaS customer service and support applications. By 2012, 30 percent of these systems will be purchased through the SaaS deployment model. But what I found interesting was the fact that clients were experiencing project savings of 25 to 40 … Continue reading

You Are Cordially Invited to SugarCon 2009!

So, we have officially announced our SugarCon dates – Feb. 2-4, 2009 – at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I am currently hard at work with the team putting together the agenda, speakers, and deciding on some very cool events for the downtime during the event. Stay tuned for more info on keynotes etc. … Continue reading

Say it ain’t so, Joe (I mean, Dan)…

If what I’m reading in this article is correct, Dan Lyons – the prolific blogger who rose to blogger superstar status with his hilarious “Fake Steve Jobs” blog will no longer be blogging in his current incarnation “Real Dan.” Apparently, there was a bit of a flare-up on his blog over some issues surrounding the … Continue reading