Next Stop – San Francisco CRM Acceleration…

In the midst of getting ready for tomorrow’s event in SF, I thought to myself – how can I live blog and update, while my laptop is being used for demos and presentations all day?

Well, I decided I could twitter away during the presentations on my blackberry. I downloaded Tinytwitter (definitely worth checking out if you have a Blackberry and like to update everyone on your every move).

My Twitter ID is mschneider718 (so I invite any and all of you twits – wait, does that sound right?- to follow me) – but if I start to get some response might make a dedicated Outsiders twitter. Ideally, we can get this blog into a more interactive state – allowing the readers to tweet back to us – and create a dialogue between readers, ourselves, the CRM loving populace at large…you get the picture.

And if you’re going to be at SF Acceleration tomorrow, please say hello.