One Year Down….Plenty More to Go

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my time here at SugarCRM, and it’s been a great one. Perhaps fittingly, yesterday’s San Francisco Acceleration event underlined just how far the company has come in the past year, and over the last 4+ years.

Just yesterday, we hit an exciting milestone on 5 million downloads across all 550+ open source projects, a significant landmark for the world’s largest open source CRM project.

But outside Sugar’s own internal growth and acceptance globally, I’ve been most impressed with the strides that open source has made as an application development model in the past year(s). When I first stated in this industry as an editorial intern at CRM magazine in April of 2004 (which ironically enough was the same month that John Roberts and gang were starting SugarCRM), open source as a viable alternative to proprietary-based CRM solutions was little more than an afterthought. And to be honest, I also remember the first time I ever meet John Roberts as a journalist, received the low-down on commercial open source CRM and figured that might be the last time I’ll ever hear of SugarCRM ever again.

Now here we are over four years later with more than 3,500 customers, I now work for Sugar, and as John pointed out during his keynote yesterday, commercial open source has become an established business model and the infrastructural foundation for many of the technologies now driving the market and CRM industry today, cloud computing and Web 2.0 to name a few.

And just how SugarCRM has left its indelible mark on the CRM industry to date, I can’t wait to see how we continue to break the mold for such emerging technologies moving forward.