Web Conferencing…And Selling…in the Power of Your Hand

In the last year I’ve taken note of emerging technologies that are driving the concept of Internet-based selling, and that spell the demise of the large, enterprise-size sales forces. Current economic conditions will only hasten this process, as businesses look to cut travel expenses and work budget-cutting processes and technologies into the way they interact with their customers.

On that note, I was impressed by today’s announcement that a Silicon Valley-based startup called PhoneTopp made. You can read the details in the press release, but in a nutshell, the new service allows users to stream segments of a Web cast to your smart phone via 3G networks and new cloud-based architectures being built into today’s smart phones, while the audio taps into the phone’s voice service.

While the initial offering is focused around Web conferencing, the synergies between these capabilities and demoing…say a software solution…are almost limitless. While certain industries are more conducive to these capabilities then others, imagine the capabilities of such an offering and the impact it could have on a company’s ability to market and sell to prospective customers, while at the same time cutting travel costs for in-person meetings?

And according to a recent Gartner survey that PhoneTopp highlights in the release, the support will be there. By 2010, Web conferencing will be available to 75 percent of corporate users as standard facility alongside capabilities like email and calendaring. The best part? Pricing is expected to fall somewhere around $10 a month for access, which makes such services available to event the smallest SMB.