From the Shamless Plug Department: SugarCRM for Dummies

A few months ago the SugarCRM marketing team worked with author Karen Fredericks as she was working on a “…for Dummies” book on SugarCRM. Well, the book is complete and on sale now.

Check it our here.

The book covers a lot of ground for anyone interested in Sugar. And while it totes the “Dummies” tagline, it is definitely worthy of a read by the Sugar novice or expert alike.

What I like most about the book is that it is not simply a “how to” guide for a technology product, but also keeps in mind the importance of why anyone would deploy SugarCRM in the first place – for CRM success. So, while tech types will get great administration knowledge, the business user gets a nice understanding of why Sugar is built the way it is – how the modules connect to ultimately aid the user in providing great customer service, increasing demand, closing sales faster, etc.

I recommend the book to anyone in the CRM universe – casual user and top-notch developer alike.