Pulling an Audible…The CRM Outsiders Take of the Week Podcast!

Ok, well, maybe the football metaphor isn’t the best idea, since my Eagles are in bad shape right now. But I am pretty stoked now that we are adding another channel of communication to the CRM Outsiders family of opinion-oriented programming. (I want to see that as a genre on my Tivo list.)

Starting this week, we are launching the CRM Outsiders Take of the Week podcast – available here.This week I take on the buzzworthy CRM 2.0 – which has gotten a lot of press these days as nearly every major CRM vendor out there (Sugar included) is hawking some sort of social CRM tool or module.

Each week, we will take a look at some of the trends we’re seeing in the CRM and related universe – and add our Outsiders commentary.

And as with the blog itself, please feel free to email or make comments on what you’d like us to sound off on in an upcoming Take of the Week.