Google and SugarCRM – Smart Minds Think Alike…

Just noticed that Google has added Themes to Gmail – allowing users to choose color schemes for their email interface apart from the usual standard setup.

When SugarCRM first brought the idea of themes into its product a couple years ago, I thought (as an analyst at the time) “Who cares?”

I was an idiot.

Themes allow users to take ownership of the application, and drives adoption. In email this is a nice addition, but it can mean everything in CRM. When users feel empowered, they do something crazy – they USE THE CRM SYSTEM! This in turn creates better and more complete data in the system, more accurate pipelines, forecasts etc. and generally leads to greater visibility across the company.

I am happy to see more and more web properties adding this feature, as it simply lends credence to the fact that Sugar had the right idea in mind when creating the Themes concept in the first place.

One thought on “Google and SugarCRM – Smart Minds Think Alike…

  1. Your observation is very right. SugarCRM not only provides an option for theme – it provides a plethora of choice for it and it excels in it.

    However SugarCRM needs to improve its functionality in its integration with Google Apps.

    Sanjay Verma’ CEO
    Sanver E-Solutions Private Limited
    Mumbai, India

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