The Inaugural CRM Outsiders “One Liner”

With all the blogrolls, RSS feeds and the simply overwhelming amount of good information out there – it is impossible to blog about every piece of news we find blogworthy…after all, we do have jobs to do.

So we thought up this concept of the “One Liner” – a short piece that pays tribute to what we see as a perfectly summed up take on a major trend or event in the industry.

For the initial One Liner, I give you a great line I found from IBM Software Group general manager Steve Mills.

“Tech used to be about displacing labour. Today tech is about displacing tech.”

I think these two sentences (ok – maybe it’s not a ONE liner…) perfectly sum up what SaaS and the Cloud is all about – lowering the burden of entery – from either a cost or complexity perspective – for all businesses when it comes to IT strategy. There is a lot of technology innovation going on for the exact purpose of taking the technology out of organizations.

Just as the early SaaS vendors used analogies such as “you don’t see generators in offices – they use utilities” this concept has spread from appsto servers to databases – we’re seeing this everywhere in IT these days…