Blackberry Storm: The New Enterprise iPhone?

I had the opportunity this weekend to head over to Verizon and watch my buddy upgrade from his current Blackberry World Edition to the new Storm. Between demoing the floor model and getting my hands on his, I was utterly blown away with the Storm’s speed, flexibility, and ease of use.

Verizon has managed to combine the practical, business-minded approach and functionality inherent to all their products with a 2nd generation, touch-screen interface that makes managing multiple tasks incredibly efficient.

In addition to the always reliable battery life, much improved browser experience, and a crystal clear screen, the SurePress technology is the real kicker. It allows users to hover, highlight and then press the “key,” and in the end, I found it much easier, faster and more accurate to type emails and select from pop-up menus then the iPhone’s keyboard.

The SurePress touch screen is intuitive; I was able to produce a basic PowerPoint presentation on my friend’s Storm in just a few minutes (though God help me if I ever find myself in that dilemma). And as always, the Storm retains RIM’s unsurpassed email, conference call and multi-function capabilities for business users, and thanks to the new 3G support, the ability to download data or leverage a Blackberry as a tethered modem for your laptop has greatly improved.

And at $199 (after the mail-in rebate), it’s a hell of a lot more affordable then the iPhone.

One disadvantage? The Storm doesn’t leverage the mini USB power adaptors for recharging, so if you already own a current Blackberry, you’ll have to purchase new accessories for the Storm.

I just can’t wait for my contract to expire in about 3 weeks so I can make the upgrade.

And as you can see below, the Storm’s size is comparable to that of the iPhone’s

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BlackBerry Storm vs Apple iPhone 3G by textlad.

2 thoughts on “Blackberry Storm: The New Enterprise iPhone?

  1. I like this phone, although it sure hasn’t gotten good reviews. If Christmas sales for the blackberry storm were lagging, it won’t be good for RIM. there are other phones coming out in 2009 that could eclipse the Blackberry storm, and the iphone for that matter. Interesting to see these phone wars really heating up.

  2. The Blackberry Storm is holding its own, and now I hear that there will be a Blackberry Storm 2 due out in December with WiFi. Just a rumor now, but probably true all the same. Why the first one didn’t have WiFi I’ll never know. I guess these companies need to leave off a feature here and there so they can roll out the next big thing 6 months later. Gotta love marketing! The Blackberry and Nokia 5800 seem to be the best competition for the Apple iPhone these days. Tough for these companies to compete, but it sure works out well for the consumer. These smartphones are getting better and better.

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