CRM for the Non-Business Minded

One of the slogan’s around the SugarCRM partnership with BT Business is “Do What You Do Best.” The idea is that with web-based applications and other bundled services from BT, small businesses don’t have to think about their IT and other operations – instead they can focus on competitive differentiation.

In a talk to go over an upcoming webinar we’re doing with Selling Power magazine, I was part of a discussion with one of our newer customers in Canada called Healthscreen. I won’t go over all of the things the firm does – you can log on to the webcast for that story. But in essence Healthscreen works with doctors in Canada to help them optimize their businesses and their operations that are not covered by Canada’s nationalized health care.

So, like with BTs mantra – SugarCRM is being used by Healthscreen to enable doctors – who think about healing sick people not about revenue optimization – to be more efficient in their operations.

As much as it sounds repetitive, I am always impressed by the way SugarCRM users take the product and run with it. Compared to most traditional B2B SFA tools, SugarCRM is taken and made to work in so many cool and innovative scenarios.Sugar really is an interaction platform, not just a package of CRM applications.

I can’t wait for the webcast to learn more…