CRM and Web 2.0: It’s All About the Mindset

Along the same lines of Martin’s comments about Twitter, Web 2.0 and how these technologies are limited only by the user’s imaginations, I came across a report released today by Forester analyst William Band.

The title, CRM 2.0: Fantasy or Reality? How Trail-Blazing Companies Are Implementing Social Customer Strategies, truly speaks volumes, because for many businesses, Web 2.0 is still very much a concept, as opposed to a proven-technology with hardened business value.

Vendors have certainly caught on, as Web 2.0 has become the next “sliced bread” of CRM functionality, but it seems that businesses are still struggling with the mindset involved with deploying and utilizing these tools effectively.

The reasoning, I believe, is because for many businesses, CRM is still very much a two-way, or even one-way, interaction between themselves and their customers. As Band points out in the report, the social Web is forcing CRM initiatives to move beyond this two-way relationship and begin to digest the simultaneous interactions that customers…particularly younger consumers…have amongst themselves.

In short, CRM is evolving from its roots of being a transactional-based system focused on optimizing customer-facing processes to a system of truly interactive, real-time interactions that leverage technology meant for collaborative and social connections with customers.