Posted in December 2008

Weathering the Economy the Bartering Way

I read that over the holidays that retailers are taking all sorts of measures to appease consumers’ demands for good deals, including allowing customer to haggle prices down. The situation is giving consumers the upper hand, but from a CRM perspective, the fallout could also be detrimental to retailers that are adopting on-the-spot pricing policies, … Continue reading

Sprint: A CRM Lesson Waiting to Be Learned

Sprint has recently announced that due to decreasing calls to its customer service lines, the company will close a number of its call centers. During these tough economic times, I can’t help but find Sprint’s announcements ironic. What I found even more ironic was the fact that Sprint’s CIO was quoted in this article as … Continue reading

Catalogs – Sending the Wrong Message with Direct Mail…Take 2

I took note that Martin’s last blog about catalogs received quite a bit of attention from readers; it seems most of whom disagreed with his commentary about retailers severely limiting, if not outright cancelling, their catalog-based selling efforts. I think the answer falls somewhere in the middle, and represents generational CRM, which is becoming more … Continue reading

2008: A Good Year For Marketing Equaling Sales

The always erudite Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research posted some great thoughts in his post last week, outlining some of the major trends we saw in 2008 and what we can expect to see in 2009. In addition to some of the obvious, such as software-as-a-service and platform-based CRM solutions, I was particularly tweaked by … Continue reading

Space: The Final CRM Frontier

Because it’s a Friday, and to end our blogging for 2008 (at least consistently. I’ll be blogging on and off throughout the holidays), I’ve decided to end on a slightly lighter note. Fresh off my blog from yesterday about CRM and airline travel, I saw the U.S. Federal Aviation Association has given the green light … Continue reading

Continental: A Lesson in CEM

This isn’t the first time Martin and I have blogged before about the airlines, as airline travel usually provides a catalyst through which others within the CRM profession can learn from. Last week proved no different, as I flew to our Cupertino offices for business and for Sugar’s annual Christmas party. Being a Continental OnePass … Continue reading

Adding Functionality at the Expense of Upgrading

I just got off the phone with a customer that will be presenting at SugarCon 2009. We were talking about Sugar On-Demand, the pros and cons associated with SaaS/cloud computing, and the economy when this director of IT made a very interesting point: cutting costs by skipping product upgrades and turning to cloud computing. Given … Continue reading