Thoughts on Approaching Greener CRM

I am back in the office after a welcomed Thanksgiving break back east…It is always good to see family and such, but I think this Thanksgiving there is a lot more “being thankful” going on across the US. All too often we take for granted our situations so this year seemed a reminder of sorts…

During our holiday conversations, everyone remarked at the low gas prices, making holiday driving even less of a headache than usual. People seemed happy to be using gas, a far cry from the recent astronomical prices…but I hope that the dip in prices doesn’t make people forget the overarching issues and the need to “go green” in general…

On the flight home I was thinking about green CRM – what can make a CRM initiative more green?

In general, the web-based nature of Sugar is a lot more efficient than some older systems – so going with a web-based model is a good start. Smaller businesses can also opt for On-Demand or SaaS solutions, further lessening the amount of energy used inside the organization.

For larger businesses, reducing the number of data centers in the organization can create a serious cost savings but also major reduction in energy use. SugarCRM’s Data Center Edition (DCE) can help here, eliminating inefficiencies by creating a central deployment, maintenance and management scenario for multi-site complex CRM deployments. Also, use of energy efficient Netbooks versus fully equipped laptops can save energy as well.

We are just at the beginning when it comes to Green CRM. I just hope we continue to make further strides, and quickly, when it comes to driving energy costs and inefficiency out of the CRM system…

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