Ok, I’ll say it…Cyber Monday is Stupid

Looking over my blog roll, a lot of my marketing-related feeds are reviewing the results and relative success of the retail holidays we just saw. Black Friday and our new little retail pseudo-holiday – Cyber Monday. What?

Black Friday is an established concept – a tradition if you will, and one I’ve avoided for all of my adult life. It has roots in brick and mortar retailing, and the advent of the holiday season.  Fine…whatever…

So, not to be outdone by actual tradition…the e-commerce marketing brains came up with…Cyber Monday, where online retail outfits offer specials, sales, etc. to compete with traditional retail operations.


For one thing – the great thing about online retailers is that time and geography go out the window…why have a big “sale day” when you can have a sale anytime? Also, by simply miming the brick and mortar world, what differentiation are you making?  What’s the benefit if the “experience” of holiday shopping, attacking the malls for bargains, etc. is lost in cyberspace?

Secondly, hasn’t e-commerce capabilities advanced to the point where personalized marketing can be a reality? But no, instead the e-tailers of the world just said “Cyber Monday.” Why not create crafted, relevant segmented campaigns to the right kind of people that DO NOT want to shop in busy stores. I, for one, would love to get an email with great offers reinforcing the fact that I am skipping the crowds for my holiday shopping.

I just think Cyber Monday is a step backwards, not forwards, when it comes to retail marketing and the online experience.