Sales 2.0 (or is it 3.0?) for the New Economy

Here at SugarCRM we have been fortunate enough to have built up a sizable and strong performing sales organization based on the simple concept of not spending a lot of money. In the early days, SugarCRM was a cool new PHP-based solution, and a phone number on a web site. In a sense, that model has proven scalable. There are a lot of additions to the sales cycle, and of course the product has gotten more robust – but the basic tenant is still the same: sell efficiently.

Nowadays, the SugarCRM product itself is being used in ways that streamline the sales processes of many different types of sales organizations. The economy, and the simple fact that fuel and travel are only going to become more expensive makes virtual selling more and more of an imperative.

Sugar has worked with some great partners to enable this type of sales environment. One of the coolest integrations I’ve seen so far is one performed with DimDim. The combined toolset gives sales teams all the CRM features they need to manage accounts and data, coupled with communication tools to reach, collaborate and sell to anyone, anywhere.

The world is becoming virtual, and integration between solutions is getting easier (thanks to the growing movement towards open source) and there really is no reason for any inside sales teams not to have great web conferencing and video tools at their fingertips. VoIP and other factors drive the costs out of the equation even further.

Perhaps some organizations will still feel the need to fuel large, inefficient enterprise sales forces. But for the smaller and (in my opinion) future-minded sales organizations, these types of integrations have to be part of the SFA or CRM picture.

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