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I am not going to go through all the cool new stuff on Sugar’s new release coming out, but will give a brief description:

It is pretty frickin’ cool!

The Cloud Connectors, Sugar Feeds (think Twitter for CRM without all the hassle of following and setting up groups etc.) and the Portal Dashlets give Sugar users all the tools they need to make CRM 2.0 a reality.

And the Module Administration tools allow business users to take control over the portions of the CRM system that matter most to them – adding more CRM champions to the mix and making for higher adoption and more flexible CRM that adapts to business needs with greater rapidity.

And in true commercial open source fashion, Sugar has made the smart choice in opening up the Cloud Services that make this cool stuff happen – allowing our developer community, user base, partners etc. take these tool kits and make all kinds of cool Cloud-based CRM processes and features. I seriously can not wait to see what kind of cool Cloud/Sugar mashups appear on SugarForge and SugarExchange. We already have two cool mashups from Crunchbase and ZoomInfo available.

It is literally possible to create a new Cloud-based CRM feature in a few clicks. This is going to be good.

All this week I will be posting CRM 2.0 ideas that percolate in my head based on the new Sugar release…stay tuned.

One thought on “SugarCRM’s New Cloud Services – Sky High CRM

  1. It’s real cool to get data from Hoover and I like it,
    A good idea from my perspective could be a similar link to Dun & Bradstreet to receive DUNS from the open webside for companies I’m interested in.
    to be able to access hoover it seems that the users have to have special rights. As an admin I’m able to use Hoover but standard users in my environment get a comment that they are not allowed to import the data from Hoover. Could you explain which rights they have to have ?

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