Sugar Cloud Services Use Case: Cloud-Powered HR

I promised I’d add some potential best practices uses for the new Sugar features this week – and I will not disappoint. In a couple analyst calls this morning, I was asked basically this question about how the Cloud Connectors and Sugar Portal dashlets could be used to extend the value of CRM into new areas.

I came up with this – on the spot mind you – as a cool use case. Say you have SugarCRM in place and want to add an HR system for tracking new hires and converting them, if applicable to employees in the system. An organization could easily use the “Opportunity” building block in Module Builder inside Sugar to make this HR module. The candidate-to-hire process closely mimics the lead-to-close process, so little customization would be needed.

So, once this module is up and running, people could use the Sugar Feeds (the Twitter-like feature new in the latest release) to comment on the applications post-interview sessions and gain a consensus on the applicant’s skills and weaknesses in a well documented forum.

Also, with the Cloud Connectors feature – an organization could use the Connector Framework to build a simple Facebook Connector. In the Candidate Module there would be an Ajax hover-over that populates with that candidate’s Facebook account. So, if you are – for example – a non-profit children’s summer camp hiring a new bus driver and counselors, you can easily make a decision when you see that Candidate X has nothing but frat party pics of him doing keg stands and bong hits. An extreme example, I know, but useful nonetheless.

Finally, since the HR modules are pretty separate from a lot of the traditional CRM features – an organization could use the Module Administration tools to grant the head of human resources admin access to the HR modules. This would allow them to create the right process flows, add the candidates to teams and restrict certain employees’ access to candidate data without having to involve IT in these processes. Makes for a nice, efficient HR management system that leverages the power of the cloud for a fraction of the cost of licensing a stand-alone HR software package.

This is just one highly functional example of what SugarCRM’s new cloud services capabilities can enable. I’ll post some more later this week. For now, I am just gonna sit back and wait to see how long it takes for someone to create this module and post it on SugarForge.