Internal Twittering Vs. B2C Tweet Etiquette

As I noted jokingly in my last post, I am seriously loving the Twitter-like capabilities of the Sugar Feeds in the new release. It has all the advantages of Twitter, but none of the disadvantages…

For one, I don’t need to make sure I’m following anyone, or they are following me. I don’t need to set up groups. And I don’t need to download a Twitter feed app or go to a specific web site to send updates – it is all right in my CRM UI.

Simply put – it makes a lot of sense to have Sugar feeds part of a team collaboration strategy. And the fact that it is in a “closed loop” of a CRM system makes it easier to track and manage these communications. For example, if I am a support agent and I tweet or IM a great solution tip to a colleague – that data could easily get lost in the cyber ether. But if it is inside the CRM system as with Sugar feeds – that data is easily cut and pasted into a Knowledgebase article for others to use.

While B2B makes sense…I am still trying to get my head around the do’s and dont’s of B2C Twittering. First – it is hard to manage all of that in a closed loop. Your customers will be all over the place, and it is up to you to make sure you’re being followed and following. What’s more, in this new age of RSS and other methods of broadcasting via tools like Twitter – the choice is there to make the discussion one directional rather than interactive. But many warn against this. This InformationWeek article sums this up nicely, and also points to some other more pressing Twitter protocol issues in the B2C world.

For now, I’ll take the slam dunk of leveraging Sugar feeds for internal communication and CRM proccess updates…it just makes simple sense…

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