Benefitting From Open Source’s True Value

John Perez posted a nice article yesterday offering 25 open source alternatives to proprietary software I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately concerning the recession and the outcome on the tech industry, and open source specifically.

Recessions for the tech industry are scary…they always are. But what has always been a catalyst for businesses to cut spending and cash-strap their IT departments will be the vehicle by which open source will emerge. Everywhere you look, open source is extending beyond its reach within software, because it’s about pooling resources. Open source as a business model will thrive, because it’s an adoption that is meant for days such as these.

The collaborative, user-driven approach in which open source software is developed fuels exactly the reasons businesses are looking to cut IT spending. Whenever you have a downturn in spending, there’s always an impetus to save cash, to do some of the work yourself, to build a competitive advantage, and make every penny count.

But there’s more to open source then its financial benefits and pooling resources. It lies in the ability to mold the software solution around the needs and processes associated with your business, driving true, qualitative results both in end-user adoption and the ability to truly improve the customer experience.

Be sure to look beyond the topographical, financial benefits and dig deeper to uncover some of the added benefits that our proprietary-based brethren struggle to deliver on a more consistent basis.

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