CRM 2.0 – Don’t Forget the 1.0 Foundation!

CIOZone has a good article on how to navigate the new world of Social CRM or CRM 2.0 (take your pick as to the buzzword of the day).

I think the best point is made here:

Understand the social computing solutions landscape. You must learn to navigate an emerging CRM solutions landscape that includes both traditional solutions and new Social Computing capabilities.

This is a strong point especially for companies new to CRM in general. Just because CRM 2.0 has some cool features – do not think you can ignore CRM basics – as they do manage some very important processes, namely your revenue stream and customer lifecycle.

So, ideally – you will have a strong traditional CRM system in place before making the 2.0 leap. But your system must be able to handle the new capabilities in an intuitive fashion. I’d like to think we handle this pretty well at SugarCRM.  For example, the Cloud Connectors that can bring in social networking tools like LinkedIn, in a seamless and useful fashion:

Now, the social CRM features in SugarCRM or any other traditional CRM solution are not going to instantly make a company 100% social CRM compliant, so to speak. But these solutions are giving organizations the tools to bring in all of these conversatitions and data sources and integrate them with what were once highly structured (and in some ways limited) data sets.

But with these cool, and very easy to use tools in place, marketers can begin engaging in more expansive and interactive communications with all different kinds of custoer sets.