SugarCRM Cloud Connecters and Efficient Lead Qualification

I just got off a webinar planning call with a customer and the customer noted something that made my Sugar Cloud Connectors ears ring.

The customer noted that prior to their deployment of Sugar Professional, they hired temporary personnel to search the web for information about their prospects, performing Google searches and entering data into a data silo. This enabled the company to segment its prospects and eliminate ones it thought would be the least likely to purchase its offerings.

So, here we have a smart idea – filtering out potential wasted sales leads – but handled in a very manual and time consuming process. And of course, this process has the added cost of a) hiring the manpower to perform the searches and data entry and b) maintaining a separate industry intelligence database.

So, if Sugar’s Cloud Connectors were available to this company – they could have easily set up connectors to the kinds of sites that held the kinds of information the firm used to qualify prospects. The firm then would not have to hire temp workers, as this data would auto populate in the Ajax pop-up windows…and the sales agents could easily see if this was a valued prospect or not. Then this data could be merged in to the system if needed – to make sure that these poor leads are not pulled into marketing campaigns and become part of wasted marketing dollars.

Also, since the data is populated dynamically – there is no need for data entry unless a sales agent hits the data Merge button. And since all that date would then be captured into the SugarCRM instance directly there is no need for additional database administration efforts.

This is just one of the many flexible uses I see for the new Sugar Cloud Services…I’ll keep the ideas flowing…