SugarCRM, Cloud Services, and Cost-Effective Training

I have one more cool use case scenario for some of the new features in the Sugar Cloud Services release – multi-channel, embedded inexpensive training tools.

OK, here’s how I see this working:

With the new Sugar Portal Dashlets and Social feeds, users can embed any variety of multi-channel entities into the Sugar UI. This includes YouTube videos or links or picture images. So, if an organization creates a series of training videos, and creates a dedicated YouTube channel with those videos…they could expose these videos as embedded portal dashlets in Sugar.

This way, employees could have instant access to refresher training courses. And new users could be learning – say, about how to best use the CRM system – while using the CRM system. This could lead to nice productivity gains, because the employees need not log into another system and search for relative training content – it is all right at their fingertips.

Now, say you want to get really context sensitive with the training. Simply create several roles-based YouTube channels – and expose those channels in the UI of certain role players in the organization. This way – a sales rep does not have to see the training videos intended for customer support agents, and vice versa.

The great benefit here is that CRM adoption levels can easily increase. Users are gaining great training tools, but also in a very cool, interactive manner. What’s more – the users are doing all of this while they are still working in the CRM system.

But perhaps the greatest benefit? Existing SugarCRM users can add this cool functionality for nearly zero costs. Apart from the costs associated with creating the training videos…setting up the YouTube channel and embedded the URL as a dashlet can be done for no costs – just a little time.

We are just at the front end of where these new Cloud Services capabilities can bring SugarCRM users… I am seriously stoked about how far people can and will run with these features…

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