Burger King Does B2C Social Marketing Right

OK, so I could not work “Have it Your Way” into the title…and saying Burger Kings viral marketing is “Well Done” because even I have standards when it comes to bad puns. But after checking out Burger King’s latest marketing concept “Flame” I have to hand it to them – this is a great campaign.

What I love best about this is that the campaign is a great tutorial for B2C companies in terms of taking the web 2.0 nature of social into an anonymous arena. A lot of my posting this week has been around wrangling in the social media aspects of the web into a format where new media interactions can be captured. But this BK campaign is more about “getting people socializing” about the goofiness that the Flame spray is all about. (And I love that it pokes fun at those ridiculous body spray commercials.)

Not all buzz can be captured and tracked, and sometimes just “being out there” is enough to extend your brand and capture the attention and imaginations of your target demographic or, ideally, a whole new base of consumers. BK does a great job of using an absurd concept – pitch perfectly presented – to subtly market to the Facebook generation.

The fact that you can even buy the spray in some stores really brings the campaign full circle. Kudos, BK. Now, if only I actually liked the taste of any of your products…


The ultimate stocking stuffer…hairnet not included…