Posted in December 2008

Burger King Does B2C Social Marketing Right

OK, so I could not work “Have it Your Way” into the title…and saying Burger Kings viral marketing is “Well Done” because even I have standards when it comes to bad puns. But after checking out Burger King’s latest marketing concept “Flame” I have to hand it to them – this is a great campaign. … Continue reading

Marketing for the Web 2.0 Marketer

For marketers, Web 2.0 offers a remarkable new opportunity to engage consumers. If only they knew how to do it. I found those comments, courtesy of a feature article in today’s Wall Street Journal, a great way of summing up the crossroads marketers currently find themselves at. But whereas the concept of importing sales leads … Continue reading

SugarCRM, Cloud Services, and Cost-Effective Training

I have one more cool use case scenario for some of the new features in the Sugar Cloud Services release – multi-channel, embedded inexpensive training tools. OK, here’s how I see this working: With the new Sugar Portal Dashlets and Social feeds, users can embed any variety of multi-channel entities into the Sugar UI. This … Continue reading

Telemarketing “The Office” Way

I’m a fan of NBC’s The Office, which in addition to its entertainment value, also does a good job of highlighting some of our industry’s more compelling aspects. That said, I’ve recently been getting bombarded by XM satellite radio, as my subscription for my car ran out and they’ve been trying to resign me. In … Continue reading

SugarCRM Cloud Connecters and Efficient Lead Qualification

I just got off a webinar planning call with a customer and the customer noted something that made my Sugar Cloud Connectors ears ring. The customer noted that prior to their deployment of Sugar Professional, they hired temporary personnel to search the web for information about their prospects, performing Google searches and entering data into … Continue reading

Benefitting From Open Source’s True Value

John Perez posted a nice article yesterday offering 25 open source alternatives to proprietary software I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately concerning the recession and the outcome on the tech industry, and open source specifically. Recessions for the tech industry are scary…they always are. But what has always been a catalyst for businesses … Continue reading

CRM 2.0 – Don’t Forget the 1.0 Foundation!

CIOZone has a good article on how to navigate the new world of Social CRM or CRM 2.0 (take your pick as to the buzzword of the day). I think the best point is made here: Understand the social computing solutions landscape. You must learn to navigate an emerging CRM solutions landscape that includes both … Continue reading

Internal Twittering Vs. B2C Tweet Etiquette

As I noted jokingly in my last post, I am seriously loving the Twitter-like capabilities of the Sugar Feeds in the new release. It has all the advantages of Twitter, but none of the disadvantages… For one, I don’t need to make sure I’m following anyone, or they are following me. I don’t need to … Continue reading