Posted in January 2009

A Bit of Perspective on Web-based Business Models

I am doing a few media briefs prior to SugarCon, and a lot of journalists are asking questions about open source, the economy, and whether or not more companies are looking to transition to new application models in this current climate. It made me think – and really, while the economy is certainly a wake-up … Continue reading

Web 2.0 Marketing and the Super Bowl…

In many ways, the Super Bowl has reached the pinnacle of advertising and marketing, both in terms of price ($3 million for a 30-second spot), and now in terms of multi-channel marketing. Interactive ads, new search strategies, Web-only outtakes, and social networking are all part of the new array that marketers have at their disposal … Continue reading

SugarCon Tweeting…

Just an advance heads up – we have set up a SugarCon Twitter account Sugarcon2009 – If you cannot attend and would like updates, or plan on attending and want to make comments that we can bring to the blog, etc. or just want to get some random tweets from various Sugar peeps – please … Continue reading

A True Increase in Scale of Economy

The way in which businesses manufacture and transport finished goods to markets will forever play an important role in how and when they conduct business with the ever-growing number of consumers. As the number of consumers increase and economies continue to globalize, businesses are consistently looking for ways to stay profitable, i.e. long-term contracts, fixed … Continue reading

CRM: Still More an Art Than a Science?

Larry Dignan posted an interesting blog today about ROI for the deployment of enterprise applications. He raises some interesting points, and I agree with him on the notion that too many businesses still deploy applications without having the common sense to accurately measure any return on investment. Setting a benchmark for success is a no-brainer … Continue reading

More Support/Proof of a Portable, Varied Cloud

I just saw this announcement which talks about how Carpathia Hosting is looking to provide an “Integrated Hosting Package” which to me, means “Cloud Stack” of apps and services – including SugarCRM. This is yet another testament to what the Cloud should be about – interoperability, flexibility and portability. No one wants their cloud enviornment … Continue reading