Cloud Computing By Another Name…

There continues to be a lot of hoopla throughout the industry on what actually constitutes cloud computing and whether or not it’s actually newsworthy. So when I found this ecommercetimes article containing a number of prevalent points about cloud computing by some industry heavyweights, it got me thinking.

Whether you’re talking about the ASP model from a decade ago or a single–tenant or multi-tenant architecture associated with SaaS, cloud computing is simply the next version of a technology that continues to be perfected. The fact is, cloud computing is a combination of technologies that existed before the end of 2007 when the term really started to take off.

There are a few differences however. Vendors are coming to realize the importance that more flexible and open software applications will play within the context of “the cloud.” Another is understanding that cloud computing is as much a business model as it is a technology; a big difference when compared to the older single and multi-tenant SaaS models pushed upon customers years ago.

In the end, the definition of cloud computing ultimately lies with the benefits that users should reap from it: obtaining a wide range of functional capabilities in a pay-as-you-go model without the knowledge, expertise, or direct control over the software. Cloud computing is the realization of the earlier ideals of utility computing, but without the technical complexities or complicated deployment worries.

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