Back in Action for 2009 – With Some Great Accolades to Start!

I am back in the offices here at Sugar HQ after a much-needed break and vacation. The past year was interesting, to say the least, and I am sure a lot of us are looking to 2009 to begin with some positive news…

For the Outsiders crew, our break ended with us noticing that the blog has been named one of the best CRM blogs of 2008 by Inside CRM.

This is awesome…I mean, a year ago we were just breaking the blog out for the public to read, and in 2008 we went from a few scattered readers to nearly a thousand individuals stopping by the blog to hear our twisted thoughts on open source, CRM, and sales and marketing in general. The ability for ideas to be shared, and spread through the web is amazing in this day and age, and the ability for a little idea like CRM Outsiders to become so well-received so quickly is a testament to the kinds of new modes of thinking that will drive the next phase of the global economy (it seems a stretch, but it’s true).

But of course, the ongoing conversation at Outsiders is not meant to be one-sided. We continue to invite the readers’ input and comments (even if they are telling me I’m an idiot), as they help to drive the direction and quality of Outsiders overall. So if you have an idea for a potential topic, or a podcast (as we become more and more multi-media and multi-faceted here) please shoot it over…we’re always open…

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