CRM Outsourcing in a Recession – Too Big A Risk to Take?

I just saw that some companies are back to looking at CRM outsourcing in light of the economic conditions. The idea of outsourcing business processes, especially as overhead becomes a major cost concern, makes sense in some areas. Generic processes that are not specific to how you do business, such as payroll, are GREAT outsourcing options. But CRM – come on man – this is the lifeline between you and your customers.

I am not trying to imply that these outsourcing providers do not understand customer-facing processes. But given the amount of great open source software, SaaS options and Cloud-based technologies – it just does not make a lot of sense to create any divide between your operations and the customer. The lag time in date collection, reporting and decision-making based on the crunched numbers can be critical lapses.

In a downturn, dollars and cents are everything. But saving a few dollars at the cost of losing grip on your revenue stream just does not make sense to me. Especially now that CRM software has become more flexible and easier to manage from a cost perspective (we’ll, at least some of the offerings out there ;)…)

I think we have already taken a lot of the costs previously associated with complex CRM deployments out of the equation…don’t take control out of it as well…