Ingres CEO: Open Source Lookin Good for 09’

Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO of Ingres, outlined some great open source predictions for 2009 in this editorial.

In particular, points 3 and 5 really drive home trends already playing out in the market, and that should continue to in 09’. Open source and cloud computing will be a major theme at SugarCon this year, primarily because that’s where we see our customers, partners, and the market driving us. The Web has become a ubiquitous platform, and the idea of enterprise collaboration across pay-as-you-go, service delivery models will continue to depend on the development of open, standards-based architectures.

And it’s for those reasons we’ll continue to see the “opening up” of many of our proprietary-based brethren. We’ve already seen many of our CRM competitors start down this path. Thanks to open source and similar development models, customers aren’t willing to swallow the lock-down, price-fixing model that the bigger vendors have forced upon them. Oracle and SAP have already both seen the repercussions of that this year.

Finally, while adoption of open source software will increase, it can’t be owed entirely to the worsening economy. As I’ve said before, it’s important not to underestimate open source’s true value. The number one difference between our market today and ten years ago is that the design and adoption of software is driven by the fact that an IT department (and the software it distributes to the end users) is as much a business model as it is a technical one.