CRM Adoption: The More Things Change…

Just read an article at CIO Magazine’s online site that gives two pretty common CRM “failure” case studies.

The bottom line in both cases was the same underlying reason, in my humble opinion, for nearly all CRM failures – adoption. Some may word the reasoning for lack of success differently, citing “too complex software” or “the wrong system” but while that allows management to shift blame – it barely tells the real story.

Ultimately, adoption is everything. And from sales agents to support reps, to managers and CFOs – if they can’t see value, you’re dead in the water.

One of the things that brought me to SugarCRM from the myriad application providers I could have worked for (not to say I simply could have jumped on any CRM ship, but you get my point), was that the application was so easy to use from the get go. And the fact that Sugar’s application was so successful early on it its existence (when there were far less features) is a testament to the fact that all CRM users simply want a product that works, and works in a way that is in line with their daily routines and processes.

The funny thing is, now that Sugar has grown and has a lot more bells and whistles, a lot of work goes in to engineering the robust product so that it continues to offer a simple yet powerful user experience.

Too often I see a lot of application vendors talk about new features without any regard for how it will affect the users day-to-day experience. And in the SaaS world – a lot of these new features are forced on users causing pushback and adoption decreases.

Finally, in my mind, simpler is always better. A sleek, easy-to-use UI and CRM system will trump the most over-built and confusing app any day.

2 thoughts on “CRM Adoption: The More Things Change…

  1. As a small (12 of us) website development company finding a solution which was robust and scalable was important to us but by far cost, functionality and adoption were the driving factors.
    We tested Microsoft hosted and in house, and finally opted for Really Simple Systems as it was the only product which allowed us to SMTP from the client.
    We have used this implemenation for the last 9 months and indeed become a reseller! However…. As with and vendor driven product, the addition of functionality was beyond our control. The areas which we found particulary lacking in ALL products were project management, invoicing (we now have API to Bamboo) notification, Internal Tracking, Quotations, Web form posting….The list goes on.
    We have recently implemented the community version on our own co lo’d server and have been gobsmacked by the sheer simplicity, and initial functionality. In looking at Sugar Forge I am confident that even if we need additional functions they will be available as an addition, if we cannot find waht we want then we simply build it!!
    A fantastic piece if inginuity and collaboration. Why any organisation would have a problem with adopting this app baffles me. Great One Sugar Team keep it up!

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