Cloud Computing for Leaner Times

With the floundering economy shrinking everybody’s wallet, you’re starting to see technology vendors offering products with an eye toward helping users save money. TVs are become standard with Internet connections, or as Martin mentioned in his blog Wednesday, sales forces being equipped with Netbooks as opposed to full-blown laptops.

But another example is cloud computing. Cloud Engines is a startup that will be debuting the Pogoplug, which essentially connects a computer’s hard drive to the Internet via a USB connector and an Ethernet cable, allowing users to access any information stored on their desktop computer through a Web browser.

So in essence, you’re extending the basic model of cloud computing to the masses, and thus allowing even an individual to become their own little SaaS provider. Capabilities such as these could also work wonders for large sales forces that need to cut IT expenditures by cutting down on laptop costs, or sales forces that require complex product demonstrations, such as in engineering or high-tech, and don’t have the memory on their Blackberry or laptop.