Forget the All-SaaS Enterprise; Here’s the “All-Free” Enterprise

I just read an interesting article about companies and individuals finally discovering that free software is ready for general use.

Of course, the best part of the article, in my opinion is here:

John Locke operates his Seattle-based Freelock Computing as a service for small businesses seeking to learn to use free software. And he practices what he preaches: He operates his business, with a staff of seven, on almost exclusively free software. Locke uses Linux to operate his workstations and servers; Asterisk to handle the company phone system; Drupal to power the Web site,; WordPress to operate his blog, SugarCRM to handle contact and customer management; and LedgerSMB for his finances.

This small business, running on free software, is really the sweet spot in the vision that SugarCRM’s founders had in 2004. Help small businesses with great, easy to install software, and when they grow to become larger, more complex organizations, they will know your value and then become commercial users.

There are more and more companies like Freelock popping up every day, seeing the value of free as an enabler of growth.