Heavy-Hitters to Keynote SugarCon

I wanted to take a break from my morning Tazo Green Tea infused with Ginseng (sorry Colin, I just had to…) to note that Sugar has announced its keynote speakers for the upcoming SugarCon even kicking off February 2nd in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel.

I am excited about meeting Michael Lewis, who has been one of the most interesting observers of the global financial market since his seminal book Liar’s Poker exposed a lot of the greed and bloat in Wall Street in the 1980s. I can only guess at what Lewis will have to say about our present economic condition…

My good friend Paul Greenberg is also coming back to give a talk on retaining customers in this economic climate. Paul understands CRM on so many levels, and for so many different industry types that everyone will come away from this learning something, they always do.

We also have great speakers like Jonathan Schwartz, head of Sun – who has long been an open source evangelist and great speaker. And as CRM starts to embrace wider sets and types of data, Jim Fowler from Jigsaw will also be speaking. Jerry Cuomo – who manages IBM’s WebSphere project, will also give a talk – it is amazing to see that an open source CRM app barely five years old is so tightly associated with the biggest names in the tech world…

The event will also include six tracks of great sessions, and some awesome evening events. You can see more info here – and I hope to interact with some Outsiders readers during the week. It’s always nice to hear how off the mark I was as in a particular post 😉

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