Palm – The Little Engine that Could in the Smart Phone Wars

I blogged a while ago about how Palm is still hanging in there when it comes to devices and users in the smart phone game.

They recently upped the ante with the preview of their latest phone, called the “Pre” – which may be the worst name yet for a phone.

But – this phone has some great fatures. Namely, 8 gigs of storage, and it supports Adobe Flash. Oh, and a 3 megapixel camera (with a flash to boot). And, it has better multimedia messaging than the iPhone. Very cool.

But the best part – the OS. Yep, this baby runs on Linux. And this fact, according to Palm, is that users can have 15 apps open at a time, without it crashing. Users of Windows Mobile and the iPhone will understand how big of a deal that is.

The downside – the phone looks like it is going to be a Sprint exclusive. So, one of the coolest gadgets on what some say the worst network for customer service. Great…

What I do like, if you check the link above, is that Palm is enabling interested customers to sign up online to get an email when the Pre is available. This is smart thinking. Not only does it enable people to feel like they matter, but it will better enable Palm to build the right amount of phones to meet demand. In this economy, proper sourcing is huge…

Is this the real iPhone killer?

2 thoughts on “Palm – The Little Engine that Could in the Smart Phone Wars

  1. The form factor of the Pre and the new OS is going to bring Palm back as a leading device maker. I had a chance to get some hands on down at CES, two words, game changer.

    A couple notes/corrections. As of now they haven’t said whether or not they are supporting flash. As of now the communicated answer is no. If Adobe gets their act together in time it might make an appearence. Also, it isnt because of Linux that they can do background applications there are two factors involved. One, they are running the most advanced Arm processor to be placed in a smart phone device, second, and most importantly, the whole OS is web/browser based, hence the name WebOS. All the device runs on is a customized linux kernel and webkit engine, with native javacript and SQL Lite libraries.

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