Swamped With Work…And Loving It?

I am knee deep in the middle of preparations for the upcoming SugarCon event – less than two short weeks away. I am giving a few presentations, MCing the event, moderating panels…oh, and helping set up some internal and external technical and sales trainings for the latter part of the week. In short, so much to do, so little time…

But it’s great, and I’m actually stoked to be so busy. I am coordinating the more than EIGHTY FIVE (yes, 85) presentations to be given at the event, and it is giving me the chance to interact with some of our awesome partners, and of course the great customers who have deployed Sugar in all kinds of interesting ways.

And really, as so many other apps vendors are canceling events in a down economy, it is good to know we’re still busy, still trucking along, still growing fast in all areas…

It is odd that in such a busy time, I am able to step back and see how fortunate we are to have such an amazing community (and that includes the partners, developers, customers, employees, etc.) culture that is so palpable in every corner of the Sugar universe…

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