Linux World: Open Source Telephony Legit

Speaking of telephony, I came across this article on Linux about open source telephony penetration, and its resulting fallout on legacy and proprietary-based vendors operating in the same technology sector.

Articles such as these speak volumes, especially when I hear of call centers being referred to as “cash cows” throughout the industry. A typical 100+ CSR call center can have over 200 different software and hardware systems. The cost savings associated with making more of these application open source would be monumental to the CRM industry.

Technical aspects aside, more attention should be paid to the business transformation capabilities of true call center functionality powered by commercial open source providers.

Increased acceptance of open source telephony, and thus integrations with CRM and call center-specific applications, could help transform the call center universe. How many SMB would have access to the features and functionality usually reserved for the enterprise, and how many enterprises could save hundreds of thousands on IT overhead. The options would be limitless, and there’s a ton of potential.