More Cool Integrations: SugarCRM and Call Recording

Just saw that CTI Group has announced a call recording integration with Sugar…very cool. This adds to the existing great telephony integrations and meeting/recording tools – like the WebEx and DimDim connectors.

Speaking of telephony, I highly recommened to anyone attending SugarCon that is looking to implement (or even if you have already done so) Sugar in a contact center environment that they check out these presentations:

Integrate Sugar with VoIP – Monday at 4:20PM – Two great Dutch Sugar partners will demo a very cool Sugar integration with a VoIP call center model based on Asterisk.


Bridging the Telephony/CRM Chasm – Monday 3:25PM – The CEO of will discuss how simple APIs can link Sugar to IVR technologies.

These are just two of the more than 80 presentations going on at SugarCon, hope you can join us.

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