And the Survey Says….Take 2

It seems this weekend I was bombarded with customer feedback surveys, both at a retailer, online, and over the phone by the dealership I get my car serviced at.

I’ll spare the details, but in nearly all the cases the business conducting the survey seemed to be asking for the wrong information at the wrong time, and in the wrong format.

The importance of garnering accurate, yet timely, customer feedback is a topic I’ve blogged about before, but one that many businesses still seem to miss the boat on. Consumers are busy and also very smart. Collecting accurate feedback in a format that’s both representative of the experience the customer just had, and respectful of his or her’s time, has become increasingly important in an age where CRM is placing so much emphasis on the experience.

But for the ultimate reasoning as to why surveys are important, I once again offer what has become the de facto standard on primetime network television on how a business should be run: