In the Home Stretch…

I am in the final weeks of preparation for SugarCon, and there is a bazillion things to do.  I am super psyched about the event, but I realize I will not be anywhere near the prolific blogger (blogrific?) I’d like to be leading up to and during the event.

But I did gloss over my Google alerts, and saw a cool article in the New York Times on how Netbooks, and other less expensive alternatives are changing the way companies and individuals spend. It is nice to be validated by mainstream media, as I have blogged recently about how the Netbook would change the way individuals and companies think about applications deployment and IT spend. The article also notes how the new tech economy is similar to the way the SaaS and consumer web explosion brought down AOL.

So, either smart minds think alike, or more people read my insane rantings than I thought…just kidding.

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