CRM: Still More an Art Than a Science?

Larry Dignan posted an interesting blog today about ROI for the deployment of enterprise applications.

He raises some interesting points, and I agree with him on the notion that too many businesses still deploy applications without having the common sense to accurately measure any return on investment. Setting a benchmark for success is a no-brainer for any business initiative. Why should the deployment of mission-critical software be any different?

But on a related note, the study also raises another important recommendation, one that’s been a stalwart within the CRM industry for years: making sure your software aligns with your business processes, not visa versa. As part of that, deploying software that can be customized and molded to fit a company’s particular business model is critical.

While I’m a little disappointed to see that only 42 percent of companies that are deploying internally developed applications are realizing ROI as a result, I think the results point to the fact that the world of IT is heading in the right direction, especially when taken in the context of years past.

2 thoughts on “CRM: Still More an Art Than a Science?

  1. CRM: Still More an Art Th*A*n a Science?

    Thanks for the pickup – as you can see, Colin and I would not be where we are today without our editors 😉 -ms

  2. For sure, have the automation on the business process is critical, but business process is just put some tools together to save people time and have data into the system. This improves the efficiency and standardizes the procedure but it doesn’t help business very much. We always ask how to increase revenue, where is our competitor, why we failed, when to do what … Obviously to answer those questions we need to jump out the business process and have eyes on information, knowlege and wisdom level instead of data or process level.

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