A Quick Note on SugarCRM, Open Source and Internationalization

I keep promising myself I am NOT going to spend too much time in the blogosphere and actually get everything done that I need to do before SugarCon kicks off on Monday.

But of course – I find myself spending most of the morning going through blog comments, and skimming over my Google alerts.

In one of my alerts, I noticed a release regarding Microsoft’s release of Dynamics CRM in India.

The announcement seemed strange. Strange to me because SugarCRM has never had a localized release. We never had to do so. What I mean is, the open nature of SugarCRM means that the language strings can be easily modified. In fact, there are more than 75 FREE language packs available on the SugarForge. (Don’t get me wrong, we here at SugarCRM are very tight with Microsoft – and love that Microsoft has continued to embrace open source concepts – but wholesale change takes time.)

As we continue to see open source creep into the mainstream, it is these little things that begin to change the overall model of software manufacturing and distribution. I have long argued that open source is NOT solely a business model, rather an alternative manufacturing model.

An analogy I like to make is with alternative or “green” energy firms. These firms are not giving away energy. They are simply finding alternative means that are more efficient, renewable, and eco-friendly. They are all still businesses at the end of the day – and so is SugarCRM, or any other commercial open source provider.

We’re just doing a little good for the world while doing well for ourselves 😉