A True Increase in Scale of Economy

The way in which businesses manufacture and transport finished goods to markets will forever play an important role in how and when they conduct business with the ever-growing number of consumers. As the number of consumers increase and economies continue to globalize, businesses are consistently looking for ways to stay profitable, i.e. long-term contracts, fixed rates, marketing…and technology.

That said, I took interest in an article in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, detailing the development and launch of new container ships that are even larger than the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers; ships capable of hauling 22,000 containers in a single load.

I always marvel at such technological endeavors, and besides the fact that these gargantuan behemoths are simply awe-inspiring in size and pretty cool, I always find it interesting to contemplate how technological developments such as these will alter the way in which global businesses look to associate the cost advantages with increased expansion and the continued outsourcing of manufacturing centers to overseas locations, and as a result, provide consumers with products and services when and where they desire them.

Kinda of similiar to the way in which the Interent and SaaS/cloud computing will leave its mark on businesses and their ability to scale.

The Albert Maersk, one of the world’s largest container ships to date.