SugarCon Keynote Michael Lewis: Stop Banking, Start Fishing

My associate pointed me to this clip of SugarCon keynote speaker Michael Lewis, here talking about how most people should worry less about the state of the financial world:

He makes some great points…namely that a lot of “the powers that be” try and make us feel stupid. This is the same in finance as in the software world. Before, big proprietary companies sold overpriced software under the guise that only these vendors knew how technology worked. Open source has broken that to bits.

But in another vein, I like that Lewis is saying that we should spend our time more productively simply by living our lives, and also that we should stick to what we know best.

In a way, that is what CRM software does for companies. Sugar On-Demand, for example, allows a manufacturing firm to focus on making and selling great products, not on SQL databases, Z-series servers, and Apache web servers, etc.

Personally, I think we could all benefit from a little break from watching the markets…