A Bit of Perspective on Web-based Business Models

I am doing a few media briefs prior to SugarCon, and a lot of journalists are asking questions about open source, the economy, and whether or not more companies are looking to transition to new application models in this current climate.

It made me think – and really, while the economy is certainly a wake-up call, we are simply in a new age. Inefficiency is just no longer tolerated – and older application manufacturing, sales and delivery/consumption models were too wrought with inefficiencies.

But – there was a time when these older models were the only way, and thus the most efficient.

As an analogy, take a look at this video. It shows that there was a time when it was actually MUCH more efficient to receive your news and media in traditional formats. The whole concept of “On-Demand” was not in our collective mind set.Nowadays, we simply cannot imagine not having instant access to information and media outlets whenever we choose, via multiple access points.

It’s a nice bit of perspective as I get ready for a week of sharing ideas around the next generation of technology development…

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